Full Version: Joshua Tatum, Lonyae Miller, and others
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can anyone confirm that we are recruiting these guys? Just asking because I saw their stories on the front page, but haven't seen anything anywhere to indicate that we were indeed recruiting them. Pretty exciting if we are.

Also, what do you think the chances are of us landing the highly recruited kids in our back yard?

Chris Lewis C.W. DE
Anthony McCoy Bullard TE
David Ausberry Lemoore WR
Justin Prueitt Buchanan DL
Tracy Slocumb C.E. RB
Jon Blea Yosemite WR/DB
Princeton McCarty West Bakersfield ATH

any info on others would also be much appreciated.

Gosh the off-season is slow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It appears we are going after more kids and earlier than in the past, though this could just be more attention given to Fresno St. making it only seem so.
I do hope the Dogs pick up a little more local talent this year. Hard to hold on to em when you have USC, WA, etc.. chasing them hard as well.
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