Full Version: Clemson vs. FSU - Game 1
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Clemson's closer is pitching tonight against the Noles. Brian Henry is pitching for the Noles as usual on this Friday night.

No score... it's the top of the 2nd...

Bottom of the 4th...

Tony Thomas, Jr. gets a perfect bunt... and steals second, Tony scores off Mark Halberg's base hit. F L O R I D A S T A T E... Florida State, Florida State, Florida STATE!!! 02-13-banana 04-rock 02-13-banana

Clemson 0

Halberg's on 1st and Posey is up... walk to Posey and Jack Rye is up... 2-1 to Jack Rye... Let's Go Noles... base hit for Jack Rye... and the Noles score again... woooooooohooooooooo

Clemson 0
Noles 2

Guinn up... Posey and Rye steal 3rd and 2nd... the bases are full of Noles now that Clemson's pitcher walks Guinn. And the Noles leave the bases loaded... 04-chairshot
Homerun for Clemson...

Clemson 1
Top of the 5th

Another 1, 2, 3 inning for Clemson...
Bottom of the 5th

Thomas started out 0-2 and gets a walks as the 1st batter of this inning...

Tony steals second base, again... 04-rock

Halberg bunts Tony over to 3rd... 02-13-banana

04-chairshot 04-chairshot 04-chairshot Tony is picked off 3rd 04-chairshot 04-chairshot 04-chairshot

2 outs... Rye up... We need some runs Noles!!! 05-mafia
Top of the 6th

Strike out #5 for Henry 02-13-banana

And the side is retired...

Tigers 1
b]Noles 2[/b]
Bottom of 6th

base hit for FSU...

Gildea is up... time for a homerun

base hit by Gildea

2 outs...

time for the 2 out magic that FSU seems to have... 02-13-banana

base hit for the Noles and it's another score for the Noles

Clemson 1
Florida State 3

Yup, the Noles have the 2-out magic for sure... it's been there all season long 02-13-banana

Tony Thomas, Jr. is up again... Don't get caught stealing Tony 04-chairshot

Base hit for Tony it's a double... 04-rock

Clemson 1
Florida State 4

Pitching change for Clemson...
Bottom of 7th

Buster bunts the ball and Clemson makes a BIG error. Buster gets to second base...

Rye gets a base hit and there are runners on the corners for the Noles...

02-13-banana 04-rock 02-13-banana

Oravitz replaces Guinn he left last inning limping... not too good... almost like MadCow said, should have waited to play him till the tournament... 01-wingedeagle

Steadmen hits it off the screen and it's a 2-run double 02-13-banana 02-13-banana 02-13-banana

It's a triple for the Noles... listen to that crowd...

Tigers 1
Noles 7

Another base hit for the Noles... It's been a BIG Seminole Explosion...

Tigers 1
Noles 8

Reichert up... Gildea steals 3rd as Reichert it out at 1st...

Gildea steals home when Clemson's pitcher throws a wild pitch...

Tigers 1
Seminoles 9

Tony Thomas, Jr. hits another double... 04-rock 02-13-banana 04-rock

Tony has been on base every time he came to bat this game...

And Clemson is getting another pitcher after the Noles chase this last one with all the hits and runs we made... 02-13-banana 02-13-banana 02-13-banana

Halberg gets a base hit and Tony Thomas scores...

Tigers 1
Noles 10
02-13-banana 04-rock 02-13-banana

Buster Posey is up... and Buster strikes out... BUT...

The Noles get 10 hits and score 7 runs 04-jawdrop
Runners on the corners for the Tigers and Henry strikes the next batter out... 02-13-banana

And Henry strikes out the guy that hit the homer for Clemson that gave them the one run...

Side retired 02-13-banana 04-rock 02-13-banana
Bottom of the 8th

Base hit for D'Vo


Base hit for the Noles and D'Vo is on 3rd... that's the 15th hit for the Noles

And Clemson goes and gets another pitcher... forget it Tigers... we've got your number this year 02-13-banana 04-rock 02-13-banana

Clemson 1
Florida State 11

02-13-banana 04-rock 02-13-banana 02-13-banana 04-rock 02-13-banana 02-13-banana
With this win tonight, FSU is the regular season baseball champion. 02-13-banana 02-13-banana 04-rock 02-13-banana 02-13-banana
[quote]CU 000 100 000 1 10 1
FSU 002 002 61X 11 15 0

W - Henry (13-0) L - Moskos (3-4)

Florida State batters Clemson 11-1
by Drew Hankin

After dropping all three games to Clemson a year ago, revenge was on the minds of most veteran Seminole players and it showed as Florida State made a statement with an 11-1 whipping of the Tigers in Tallahassee on Friday night. In a game that was reminiscent early of the Bryan Henry/Robert Woodard Friday night pitcher's duel against North Carolina game a few weeks ago, Henry was mostly untouchable in his eight innings of work, while closer-turned-starter Daniel Moskos was chased in the sixth after surrendering four runs. Clemson's luck turned from bad to worse one the Tiger bullpen got involved as the Seminole bats woke up and blasted extra base hit after extra base hit and tallied up six runs against what was thought to be the strongest part of the CU team.

Seminole head coach was obviously happy with the way the Noles played, "Well that was obviously a very well played game. You saw one error and we just happened to put together a big inning where a lot of things went our way. Bryan Henry did an outstanding job. It was a game he was in control of and I am just very, very pleased that he spotted the ball as well as he did.
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