Full Version: FSU vs. Miami - Game 1
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Bottom of 1st...

Miami scores the 1st run of the game...


Miami 1
Bottom of the 2nd

Miami hits a homerun... thank God with no one on base...

Miami 2

Noles better DO SOMETHING SOON... 03-hissyfit
Bottom of the 3rd

Miami hits another homerun ...

Miami 4

This game kinda reminds me of one many, many years ago... Miami went on top with a huge lead and in the 9th inning, FSU came roaring back and tied up the game... the game went to the 19th or 20th inning before FSU won...
Top of 4th

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, FSU scores a run with 2 outs...

Miami 4

Gildea gets a hit and FSU scores another run...

Miami 4
Brian Henry finally strikes out the side... 04-rock 02-13-banana 04-rock
Bottom of the 6th

Score right now is...

Miami 6
Top of the 9th

Miami has their 4td pitcher in... it's the Noles last chance to save this game... D'Vo is up with 2 strikes... 03-melodramatic Come on D'Vo hit a homer... foul off twice in a row... woooooooohooooooooooo the right fielder misplayed the ball and D'Vo ends up on 2nd... 04-rock 04-rock 04-rock

Runners on 2nd and 3rd with no outs... and the pitcher throws a WILD pitch and FSU scores... WooooooooooHoooooooooo

Noles 4
Canes 6

Let's Gooooooooooooo Noles... 3 more runs and we WIN!!!

Miami fans are booing.... hahahaha ball 2

Here comes Tony Thomas, Jr. Time for a homerun, Tony...

HE DID IT! Homerun!!!

Noles tie it up and only one out!!!

Noles 6
Canes 6

Halberg... and HE HITS A HOMERUN AND THE NOLES LED FOR THE 1ST TIME. 02-13-banana 04-rock 02-13-banana 04-rock 02-13-banana

Noles 7
Canes 6

And the Miami coach is pulling this pitcher and bringing in another one!

Buster Posey is up.... 3 balls to Buster... and Buster Posey walks...

Jack Rye is up... come on Jack... you're due... and he does it... base hit... runners and 1st and 2nd... Tommy's up... a lefty... hit a homer... runners advance to 2nd and 3rd. and the Noles are retired!

Seminoles 7
Hurricanes 6
Bottom of the 9th

Danny Rosen is pitching for the Noles. 1st batter for the Canes hits a single. Canes bunt... one out... runner on 2nd...

A popup... and it's out #2... one more out Noles and we WIN... come on Rosen... strike'em out give us a big K


Seminoles 7
Hurricanes 6
[quote]FSU 000 201 004 7 12 1
UM 112 020 000 6 9 0

W - Henry (11-0) L - Raben (1-2) S - Rosen (8)

Noles rally in the ninth to beat Miami
by Drew Hankin

Another Florida State/Miami baseball game, another instant classic - with the Seminoles coming out ahead 7-6 thanks to a four-run rally in the top of the ninth inning. Tony Thomas Jr and Mark Hallberg launched back to back home runs in the final inning to surge ahead of the Hurricanes, and Miami-native Danny Rosen put the Canes away in the bottom of the inning to seal the come-back win for the Tribe.

Bryan Henry (11-0) started for the Noles but was rocked a bit, giving up three homers in the first five innings. The senior gutted it out though, and threw the next three without giving up a run and earned his eleventh victory of the season after the ninth-inning heroics.

Seminole head coach Mike Martin talked about Henry's performance,
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