Full Version: Prayers to the VT Fans
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My prayers are with you and God bless the victims family. I, know, all Memphis Tigers fans are sad today to hear such awful new. Our prayers goes out to you .
Same here from the Louisville fans, prayers out to the family and friends of the victims and to the university at large.
Prayers from a UTEP Fan.
you are all in our thoughts and prayers in Toledo. God Bless
Florida State sends their prayers to our fellow ACC school Virginia Tech during this time of tradegy.
I can't express enough our deepest sympathies to you, the Virginia Tech family. University of Toledo sends our thoughts and prayers during this time. May God comfort you and all those involved.

God Bless you and keep you close.
VT is in my prayers.
Very nice campus from the TV events. Prayers are with you.
Blazer fans in Birmingham are with you guys
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