Full Version: FSU vs. NC State - BASEBALL
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Top of the 2nd

FSU has scored 2 runs in the top of the 2nd.

NC State 0
Bottom of 2nd

The Wolfpack scores one run...

Noles 2
Pack 1
Bottom of the 4th

The Pack score another run to tie up the score...

Noles 2
Pack 2

And the wolfies score another run to take the lead...

Noles 2
Pack 3
Top of 6th

Let's Gooooooooooooo Noles!!! 05-mafia

Runners on 1st and 2nd, 2 outs, a new pitcher comes in for NC State and he walks D'Vo. Come Onnnnnnnnnnnnnn NOLES!!!

F.......................K he struck out... 04-chairshot 04-chairshot 04-chairshot
Top of the 7th

FSU ties it up. Goodness, I missed that play.

They're intentionally walking Jack Rye. Hmmmmmmmm 01-wingedeagle

Dennis Guinn is up. Guinn hits the ball to short and the bases are Loaded!!!

Noles 3
Pack 3

Only one out and the Pack changes pitchers again...

3-1 count... and the new pitcher walks in a run for FSU... thank you...

Noles 4
Pack 3

Bases still loaded... and another new pitcher for the Pack... that's the 4th pitcher for NCState... hmmmmmmmmm

Base hit for Noles and they score 2 more runs...

Noles 6
Pack 3

Still only 1 out...runners on the corners...

2 outs for the Noles...

WooooooooooHoooooooooooooo and the Noles hit a double... 2 more runs score!!! 04-rock

Noles 8
Pack 3

What a GREAT inning for the Noles!!! 04-rock 02-13-banana 04-rock
Top of the 8th

One out and the Noles hits a triple. 02-13-banana A new pitcher for NC State. Jack Rye gets a hit and the Noles score another run...

Seminoles 9
Pack 3
Top of the 9th

Brandon hits a homerun!!! 02-13-banana His first homer as a Seminole.

Noles 10
Pack 3
Bottom of the 9th

NC State scores another run... 1st run for the Pack since the 4th inning.

Noles 10
Pack 4
The Seminoles are now 30-3 and 9-1 in ACC play. The Noles are the 1st team in the country to get 30 wins. 04-rock
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