Full Version: Questions about gameday fun
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Hello Hokie Fans!!
I am a fan from Kent State that will be attending the humble shalacking taken by my flashes in Blacksburg on 11/11 ;-)

I was just wondering if anyone can help me out with a few things as I have never been to Blacksburg.
What is the tailgating like? Is it open to everyone, or do you need a parking pass to get in on the fun?
What hotels might I look into in the area? I did a search and found some good deals around 11 miles outside of the city. Also are there shuttles to the stadium?
Please anyone fill me in on any other info, It would be greatly appreciated
Well, I can only help you a little bit since I don't have to worry about any of those issues.

1) Tailgating is pretty big, but to get in good an close (on campus) you probably need to get a pass or get there early (we're talking before 8. NROTC does parking and they start at around 8. I've never had to work parking since I'm on the Color Guard, but I'm sure that cars are there before 8).

2) Odds are is that there is shuttles, but I don't know how they run them. I know I've seen buses at the stadium (The Blacksburg transit runs buses, but I'm not sure how they work).

Sorry if that isn't much help, but just know that the school basically becomes a nightmare for traffic on gameday. Hotels should most likely be booked way in advance. Get there early if you want to find any type of parking.
And be sure to get there for the pre-game march on by the Corps of Cadets. UT PROSIM!
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