Full Version: overall good season
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it just hurts so bad right now... 03-melodramatic

Thanks to our seniors, great careers at unc.

Next year we'll be back with a vengeance.

We're just trading championships every other year with UConn. ;-)
It was definitely a good - or even great - season overall, compared to my expectations. The only damper on it was the fact that we lost to George Mason in the tournament. I think I would've been different if we'd lost to Michigan State or made it to the Sweet Sixteen and lost there.

Still, I never would have imagined splitting with dook (even winning on their home floor) and sweeping State and Maryland, along with winning our one game at Wake. If you'd told me before the season that all that would happen, I would tell you that you were delusional.

Let's get this season over with (without dook winning it all), and then we can definitely look back and smile about this season.

Bunch of loser talk on this thread.
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