Full Version: Good riddance Marcus!!!
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Even though I am a "Die hard" Toledo Rocket fan I also cheer on the Hokies as my "second" team 04-rock . I like every other Hokies fan was hoping for Marcus to be the second coming of his older brother. But instead what we got was the second coming of Lawrence Philips 03-weeping . A terrific athlete with lots of potential and a criminal record. What a shame! If you watched the Hokies football games you could see his smug expressions, lack of gamesminship(is that even a word?) and lack of dedication. Lets not get started on his off the field problems. This decision took kick him from the team was the only RIGHT decison to make. Enough is enough!!! Kudos to the Va TECH administration and coaching staff.Time for Holt and Glennon to get their turn. Good Riddance Marcus !!! And no smartass...You will not get drafted!!!http://sports.yahoo.com/ncaaf/news;_ylt=AiMv1Pp13d4EOgtFvxrUHiYcvrYF?slug=ap-vatech-vickdismissed&prov=ap&type=lgns
Marcus Vick is an embarrasment to Va Tech, The ACC and NCAA Football as a whole. I believe he was not in it alone but Frank Beamer and Va Tech protected him until the season was over and they could do no more.

The NCAA should investigate Beamer and Va Tech to see what they were hiding. Maybe I am wrong but all the information came out at a time when Beamer and the School had nothing to loose and nothing else to do but boot Vick after the BCS and Bowl games.

Vick is a dirt bag and pulling a gun in a parking lot on people, driving without a licence and resisting arrest is only the tip of the iceburg. He will not go pro and should be in prison for a long time.

As for Michael Vick he is no rocket scientist - it took him 5 or 6 years before he could speak a language similar to English.. by the way he still hasn't mastered it. Beamer is going to start recruiting in the Head Trauma ward in local Virginia Hospitals. I would love to know what the Vick Brothers SAT's were and I am sure they had all the tutors they needed and attended every class.
I think a good riddance is certainly a little harsh, but he certainly screwed up a perfect opportunity. I wish my college were paid for. I wish I could be the QB of one of the nation's premier college football teams. All that down the drain because he couldn't stay out of trouble. What a shame.
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