Full Version: Wuffies move up to #14
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State beat UMass 56-24 yesterday as expected. They're now 6-0, but they get their first ACC test (Carolina) in 2 weeks after a bye this week.

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My version of an old cliche: The higher they are, the harder they fall.

Unfortunately, Tech fans know about free-falling all too well...especially after last year.
JD Heel, something to add to that phrase also.

"The higher you are, the bigger the bullseye"
G&G: That's definitely true. Not that I'm pulling for FSU (especially against us), but maybe now that they've taken that loss that knocks them down a bit, they'll slip out of the spotlight a bit and go on a roll.

JD, I like where we are at in the polls, even Coach B says he doesnt like being #1-#5 at the start of the season. He said the first 5 spots puts to much pressure on a team, and some times it becomes mental more then physical when you have to not only play the game but worry about keeping your spot in the top 5. At the end of the season thats when you start making your move, but if you lose, game over, or should I say season. In college football better to lose early then late
It happened to Clemson a few years ago, I think we made it as high as #5 (8-0)before losing to Ga tech and then Florida State. We'll find out how good they are when they play NC and then us.
NC State is off to a great start but the schedule does get harder for the Pack. State will see just how good it is against the likes of Clemson, FSU, and GA Tech.
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