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Who will be the next head coach at FSU? I would say someone very close to the Seminole organization, I would choose Mickey Andrews but I have a strong feeling when Coach B leaves, so does he.

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Mickey has had several chances to lead for either pro-cooridinator or college head coaching jobs. He's gonna be the next head coach unless something major happens, like he drops dead or something.
Rob...I agree 100%!

Couple of other reasons.

Mickey has been very loyal to BB and FSU!

I think the fiasco's that surronded the replacing
of Bear Bryant and Steve Spurrier have Dave Hart
seeing the light! Who wants to replace the
all-time winningest Coach in History? Nobody?

Mickey would be the closest to maintain the
consistency factor. After Richt failed to prepare
our offensive team for the 2001 Orange Bowl...
That doomed him.

Tommy started off like a ball of fire at Clemson
but he has slowed down a bit. Mack Brown can
recruit but not coach...(Another Pat Kennedy)
Terry Nowden is doing what he needs to be doing.
No young coach with no head coaching experience
like Jeff Bowden, takes over a Florida State.

Mickey will not only be the choice. Mickey is
the only choice!

When Mickey steps down in 5/10 years, then we would be able to get whoever we want.

Bobby Bowden, put us at the top of the College
Football Map and we ain't coming off.
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He's gonna be the next head coach unless something major happens, like he drops dead or something.</font><hr /></blockquote><font size="2" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">[Image: a_andrews_i.jpg]

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