Full Version: To The Louisville Cardinals
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Congradulations on your BIG win last night. After coming into the game 2-2, you guys played like you were 4-0. I'll be truthful, I had us winning 42-21, LONG WAY OFF!! Even though with the rain I changed my score and had us winning 28-17, but thats an after thought now. The better team won last night, no shame from me on that, you guys laid it all on the line. If it wasnt for those 2 goal line stands from the 2yd line there would be no OT. Now we can just move on, drop out of the polls(#4??) and become the under dogs now. I have never been for starting so high in the polls, as I said before the higher you are, the bigger the bullseye. Again congrats to the Cardinals

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Classy post G&G. Some of us blame losses on anything we can think of, especially when the team is projected to do great things. You stepped up and said the U of L deserved to win - which was the truth. IMO, FSU got caught looking ahead a little. You guys better strap it on tight, because here comes Clemson, Miami, and Notre Dame.
G & G..good post bro!!
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