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Sound familiar knolls??Yeah...thats the sign of ownership...we own you biyatches!!
[Image: bowsux.gif]

<small>[ July 13, 2002, 03:49 PM: Message edited by: NCGatorBait ]</small>
Yes... gosh... you've won one in a row... keep talking smack... after November, Zook and Spurrier will have one more thing in common:

Seems to me that we've won 10 more than you??? Oh, you just take a few years of the series, not the to <img border="0" alt="[laugh]" title="" src="graemlins/laughing.gif" /> <img border="0" alt="[laugh]" title="" src="graemlins/laughing.gif" /> tal series...figures..you are owned!!
</font><blockquote><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><hr /><font size="2" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">Originally posted by NCGatorBait:
Sound familiar knolls??Yeah...thats the sign of ownership...we own you biyatches!!
[Image: bowsux.gif]</font><hr /></blockquote><font size="2" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">Hey ******...

Y'all Gaytors, ready for another a*s kicking at

What about SOS (Seminoles Own Spurrier)? Got
his ass out of Dodge before the "Noles put another
whippin' on yer ****** as*ses!

Maybe 40 years ago...but not in the present day!

87- 28-14
88- 52-17
89- 24-17 (Emmitt finishes his career 0-3 vs FSU)
90- 45-30
91- 9-14
92- 45-24
93- 33-21
94- 31-31 ("The Choke at Doak!")
(Spurrier's A*s tighten up so much in the fourth
quarter, he was f*rting out his mouth!")
94- 23-17
95- 18-35
96- 24-21
96- 20-52
97- 29-32
98- 23-12
99- 30-23
00- 30- 7
01- 17-37

Ya Buddy...6-0-1 @ Doak
4-4-0 @ The Swamp (Not that tough is it
1-1-0 @ Neutral Sites

Final Results BB 8-5-1
SOS 5-8-1 (Sh*t on a Stick)

November 30th Sh*t for Brains...
That record will soon even up with your 3rd choice as head coach Zook, you Gators really believe in him, just as much you believed Bob Stoops was on his way to Florida. Who ever came up with the term "you cant win at the swamp", well thats going to really change with Zook in town. Noles did it twice with Spurrier,Tennessee did it, Miami Will do it, Auburn did it, keep dreaming Gators
Like I said...you take a snipit of years...remember BOY...27-17-2...talk smack when you catch up...oh sorry, you never will you loser!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAH
Garnet...all those teams you mentioned do have some national prominence...while NCSU and UNC tore you a new a$$ hole last year....yeah those two are football powers!!
You like living the past, the future is your ass in Tally, admit it, Zook will do nothing for the gators, he got demoted while working under Spurrier, doesnt say much for him, and all yoyu gators keep believing in him, ok, next story. Oh I almost forgot since you want to bring up North Carolina and you love talking about who owns who, better check the gators record vs the tarheels, LMAO

<small>[ July 13, 2002, 06:39 PM: Message edited by: Garnet & Gold ]</small>
Like you said in the past...but oh..the pasting you got from them was recent!! There is no way in Hell you should get beat by UNC in football,even with your third string..Oh and if they beat us then...they would obviously have beat you also, since we were beating you!!Duh...you are one smart Knoll!

[Image: cry%20baby%20nole.gif]
Use of that word DUH, that means the Waffle House must have started to lay some people off. Admit it ZOOK is history, North Carolina OWNS you, and dont give me that recent thing, you keep bringing up the all time record of FSU vs UFAg, and since you wanted to mention N.C., well you just left out your all time record vs them. Keep talking about the past, but I see the Gators losing alot with Zook, a demoted coach by Spurrier
Screw the Gators along with the SEC!!!!!!
Friend...you may be surprised....man aren't you gong to feel embarrased when a Rookie coach walks into Doak and takes one right from you...after that a$$ whooping we gave you last year...I just hope you show up!

BTW...you have losing records against Baylor, yes Baylor, also....Houston, 2-12, pathetic..Kentucky, yes 1-3, dude do you want me to stop...no, I'll mention a few more, it's hilarious..Pitt,SDSU,and Wyoming!!
North Carolina also handed Auburn something in the bowl ...right????
I don't even keep up with the rival between you two, but I do know that FSU has owned the Gators recently. GO ACC!
Tiger...you obviously don't..it's 3-3 the last six...BTW, it is nice of you to try and take up for your conference foe!!
I say that FSU is a better team and will definately own you over the next fews seasons. They bring in the talent - alot more than the gators.
Tiger...Florida is a hot bed for talent..both will continually bring in the top talent...Oh yeah...Booby will be leaving before long..so will you then be in a supposed tailspin??? You'll be in these shoes before long!!
Oh, the shoes you're in now? Trying to change the subject are we... That very well could end up being the case, depending on the next few seasons. Tommy may get the boot before any Bobby retirement scene. If he is successful, then I think he'll stay a while in the Valley. If I were you, I'd just be worried about the gators for now.
Talking about who FSU has lost to and you forgot to mention who UFag has a losing record too, but I can help you out, lets see
Harvard, Temple, Villanova, Army, Rice, but I'll stop for now, I was laughing to hard to write the other teams, but if you want to compare losing records, lets do it, like I said I have more, some that are down right pathetic, schools I've never heard of that have winning records against the gators
Just an observation.. but when does UF beating FSU by 3 points constitute owning?

And remember, Zook is just one letter off from how UF will be in football soon... Dook.
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