Full Version: Kiper's take on FSU
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<a href="http://espn.go.com/melkiper/s/2002/0612/1394072.html" target="_blank">http://espn.go.com/melkiper/s/2002/0612/1394072.html</a>

Good read!
Reading that makes you want to go do the Warchant,LOUD!!!! Watch out for Chris Davis, as Kiper said he makes Seminole fans think of Peter Warrick, but I think a PW with more speed. Like the opposition wants to hear that, oh well I'll say it again, MORE SPEED, GO SEMINOLES!!!!!!!!
I read the preview as well. I know that Florida State will be back and so the rest of the country better watch out. It could be a rematch of the 2001 championship with OU/FSU..

Rix is a fab quarterback.
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