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Q: What's your opinion of Matt Doherty at Carolina? His UNC teams don't seem to improve very much and they do not play good fundamental basketball, in my opinion. If there is another fiasco this year, will he be fired? -- Malaysak Siharath, Concord, N.C.

Coach Matt Doherty hopes to point UNC back in the right direction.
VITALE: The bottom line is that this is an important year for Doherty. Progress must be made. He has three blue-chip recruits coming in who will be vital factors in contributing to the success of the program: Sean May, Raymond Felton and Rashard McCants. There's a question about whether Felton will stay in school for a long time. Will he be one year and done? The Tar Heels have to get back to the Carolina way of life, which means going to the NCAAs at the least. It could happen, since the ACC is wide open. When you look at the ACC this season, there isn't a dominant heavyweight team there. So there's potential for success for the Tar Heels.

BTW, who is Rashard????
I saw that too Rick!!! Just yesterday, I said to myself, "Why don't I go check out Dickie V's site to see how much he's going on and on about dook." Then, I saw mention of UNC in his mailbag, opened it up, and then saw our good friend Malaysak with that first question.

She doesn't hang out around here anymore, obviously, but I see her over at InsideCarolina all the time. They apparently eat her negativity up over there....

I do kinda miss her, though. She always got a rise out of the folks over here and that helped us explode as a forum in the early days.

Oh yes, I saw that too. What an idiot she was. I hate all the doubters out there like her.
I'm surprised they haven't ripped her a new one over there. Her absence from here is not causing a lot of sorrow.
<a href="http://boards.go.com/cgi/ncaa/request.dll?MESSAGE&room=col_153&id=3699" target="_blank">well...speak of the devil</a>
Read that statement of hers as "I will only support my team if they're good. If not, I will bash them and call for the coach's head." If she thinks she's being original with that, then she's got a new thing coming. There are plenty of other "fans" out there like that.

Me, I tend to support my team no matter how good they are and no matter who is at the helm -- as long as he represents the University well. And if the University decides that he isn't the person for the job, then I will accept that and support whomever comes after him.

I agree with that, JD. I sat through 2-20 with Mack and things got better. The administration decided that Torbush wasn't getting the job done and they got Bunting. We can't set the timetable. There are contracts, schedules, recruiting, buyouts, lawsuits, all kinds of things that adminstrations have to deal with.

As far as basketball goes, she doesn't understand anything about team building and recruiting the kind of talent that it takes to be a consistent winner. She would have been right out there with those hanging Dean Smith in effigy and just like them, she would have been WRONG!
I'm glad that I'm a poster here and not on a board with so much negativity as that one. How can they even call themselves true fans not to mention Tar Heels. It almost makes me sad for my school that we have wishy washy fans in our midst.
Those people take everything so seriously (at a certain board) and cut the team, coaches, players and each other to ribbons. The mods lock anything that might be the least bit fun or slightly off topic.

One good thing about this board is that there aren't a lot of State fans over here starting the big "urinating" contests they're so known for. That keeps down my visits to the "other" UNC board that was part of the board that this site spun off from. Good folks over there, but the Wuffies just ruin it.
I could have supported Doherty had the team simply not quit in games, much like the wuffies are doing under Lowe right now. Losing doesn't bother me nearly as much as quitting does. And our players and Coach Gut got all the blame, which wasn't right. I don't think the players respected Doherty's staff a great deal, and I think had Doh kept Ford and Co. as assistants, he would be the coach of UNC today. With Ford around, a guy the players loved, I don't think Peppers, Forte, and Curry would have left. Doherty had a lot of rough edges as a coach and he needed a man like Phil to keep the players happy. It would have given Doh some learning time. Doherty had a lot of drive and I think his hard-nosed attitude, toned down a bit, could have been a good thing for the Heels.
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