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#1 Craphonso ''CRO" Thorpe one word sums up him up FAST. Guess that is why he is also on the track team and #9 Kendyll Pope he is AWESOME has nothing to do with the fact he is from my hometown 03-wink Who is your favorite NOLE?

~NOLEY~ :wave:


Favorite Noles... Greg Jones, Bryant McFadden, Talman Gardner, Nick Maddox, Michael Boulware, Darnell Dockett, Ray Piquion, Kendyll Pope, Anquan Boldin, Rufus Brown, Xavier Beitia, A.J. Nicholson, Brett Wiiliams, Todd Williams, Chris Rix, Adian McPherson....
More Noles are Peter Warrick, Warrick Dunn, Charlie Ward, Chris Weinke, Marvin Minnis, Derrick Brooks, Corey Sawyer, Derrick Alexander, Kez McKorvey, Clay Shiver, Peter Boulware, Reinard Wilson, Corey Simon, Tay Cody, Leroy Butler, Deion Sanders, Amp Lee, Terrell Buckley, Marvin Jones, Andre Wadsworth, Jamal Reynolds, Sebastian Janokowski, Sammie Smith, Dexter Carter, Kevin Knox, Todd McIntosh, Clifton Abraham, William Floyd, Corey Fuller, Devin Bush, Henri Crockett, Sean Hamlett, Samari Rolle ....just to name a few. Actually my favorite Nole of all time is ....
TAMARICK VANOVER. Dont forget Coach B!! The best Nole of them all!! GOOOOOO SEMINOOOOOOOOOLES!!!!
I really like your list, but Date-Rape-A-Cowski? I think you could have left him out. The guy isn't exactly the brightest bulb in the box...hehe

Btw, good luck in Saturday's contest! I'm looking for Greg Jones in the End Zone at least three times. The only thing to worry about is ND's scoring defense. Other than that, you guys should own them...


HS, is that anything like Najee "Closet Crapper" Davenport, what kind of drugs was he doing? Did he crap on the 'free shoes' or the clothes from Dillards that were in the closet?? :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Anyway good luck to you guys this Saturday against West Virginia also
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