Full Version: Nightmare on Pensacola Street
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What a frickin' nightmare?

You subtract the first play ND ran...they didn't have 80
yards of offense in the first half.

Then throw in some pitiful calls...and 5 dropped passes
and we could have been up 2 scores at halftime.

Then...3 plays...Interception...Fumble...Fumble
and that was it!

It will take something to recover from this


Paul, If you look at that very first play ND had from scrimmage for that TD pass, look at the cornerback who was covering the WR from ND, none other then the player I have said all season long needs to sit his ass on the bench...Stanford Samuels!!! Any time I see # 10 on the field, the first thought that comes to my mind is.. OH S***!! Here we go!! The Louisville game, also Iowa St., and Clemson, he was picked on TIME AFTER TIME AFTER TIME. If anyone wants to check out our games where ISU came back in the second half, why we gave up a critical TD to Louisville, and why Clemson hung in there most of the night, I will guarantee that you will see #10 somewhere BEHIND the WR running into the endzone. Also,I have asked this question a THOUSAND times. Why is it when Bryant McFadden comes off the bench, those same plays that worked against Samuels are meaningless against McFadden?? The safety that has to help Samuels probably has a smile on his face when he sees McFadden come in the game. It was also sad to see Rix convert back to his old self, get the ball and run, dont let the play develop, just take off with the ball. it doesnt help to have our WR's drop so many damn balls either. Anyway, I have never been so annoyed at a Seminole football player then I am with Samuels, as long as hes in the game there is hope for the other team, just look for # 10 and start passing in his direction
I Agree
I was reading over on another board here, that Wake can run against anybody. I will say this for the Noles, we can definitely stop the run now...
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