Full Version: The official TO HELL WITH GEORGIA thread.
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[Image: 2000%20-%20GT_UGA%20Godsey2.jpg]
[Image: 252508georgiabandwagon.jpg]
[Image: athens.gif]
[Image: backpain.gif]
[Image: pooper.jpg]
What UGA fans are up to the weekend:

[Image: pothole.jpg]
[Image: Priceless.jpg]
[Image: Sanford%20Stadium.jpg]
[Image: Scoreboard.jpg]
[Image: UGA_agony.jpg]
[Image: UGA_defeat.jpg]
[Image: UGA_failure.jpg]
[Image: UGA_futility.jpg]
[Image: UGA_losing.jpg]

<!--EDIT|georgia_tech_swagger|Nov 17 2002, 12:38 AM-->
[Image: UGA_mediocrity.jpg]
[Image: UGA_mistakes.jpg]
[Image: UGA_stupidity.jpg]
[Image: UGA_ineptitude.jpg]

<!--EDIT|georgia_tech_swagger|Nov 17 2002, 01:09 AM-->
[Image: UGA2000_Pre_Game.jpg]
[Image: ugabullseye.gif]
[Image: ugagangtackle.gif]
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