Full Version: Congratulations Wolfpack
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WOW - you stopped the bleeding - and beat the Noles for the 3rd time in 10 years. A big congratulations from this Seminole! 04-bow
Congrats from a Heel....

Way to go fellas 04-cheers
Too bad their fans attacked the Seminole football players... 05-nono


Congrats to the WolfPack. I do have one question though, and its not just coming from a Nole fan, but other fans as well. You guys tore down the goal post for what?? Please tell me it was for your schools first 10 win season, and not beating FSU. You beat an FSU team with 3 losses, one of them to Louisville. Maybe it was a big accomplishment to the WolfPack to win, but you did it last year, Does that really mean the ACC is that horrible, I hope not. We needed help to win the ACC by UVA beating Maryland, and now we get a BCS Bowl bid, and I dont see any BCS team with 4 losses except for us. 1 loss in the ACC and 3 outside the ACC with one OOC game left. I dont know must be a WolfPack thing to tear down those post. Congrats on the win yesterday, but I know if I was the groundskeeper, I'd be pissed right now 03-wink

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thanks. I was so glad to see we have won the game at home. Hope to make it 3 wins in a row next year.
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