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I found this on MSNBC and put it on the sports board the other day. I thought I would share it with some of my Nole buddies who don't venture over there...

Q: The latest retro craze is tearing down the goalposts after college games. One security cop guarding goal posts was badly injured by a mob. What can be done?

A: For starters, the cops should be given new orders. If you are facing a stampede of liquored-up college students, run. Those are goal posts, not the Alamo.

Also, I have some ideas for new goal posts. They don
I stand by the giant ant hill post base idea. :D
Yeah, but what happens when your team is running into the end zone for a touchdown and they hit the ant pile??? 03-confused Ouch...

By the way, Witty, do you think I should post this over on the Ole Miss board? I do think my Rebel friends would get a big kick out of it especially since they tore down the goalposts when they beat Florida earlier this year... :D
Go right ahead and give 'em this tidbit.

As for the players thing. . . Maybe you could train the ants to only attack when they smell alcohol.

And UM only got one of the goalposts. The Third Reich was guarding the other one. :laugh:
Oh, I didn't realize that they only got one of them. I know 10MAN was talking about it and some others on the board. Someone said they had rented a car and were in the grove and they almost dented the car or something to that effect and how was he gonna explain to the rental place about what happened... it was pretty funny :laugh: :D :laugh:


Electrical goal posts...juice up the current as time expires. :saber:
Wait, I got it.

Inflatable goalposts. Have them anchored in the same fashion as the net behind the goalposts. Well nevermind. That's a stupid idea now that I think about it.
cant_think_of_a_witty_name Wrote:Inflatable goalposts.
Like these :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

[Image: goalpost.jpg]

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

~NOLEY~ :wave:


ok then how about electrical inflatable goal posts :D :D :saber:
Yeah, that way if and when idiots try to climb them they are the only ones injured.
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