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<span style='font-family:Courier'><span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:maroon'>FSU31-UGA25</span></span></span>

~NOLEY~ :wave:

Please keep this thread to predictions only
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UGA: 31
FSU: 10
:laugh: he he he cool ticket UGI!!!
Thanks to you!
FSU 41
UGA 38
F - 2 OT

The Sugar Bowl and the WVU-UVA game are my picks for the two best bowls of the season. 04-cheers
cant_think_of_a_witty_name Wrote:FSU 41
UGA 38
F - 2 OT
Witty, I like it all except the 2-OT!
Florida State 33
UGA (University of Gaytors @ Athens) 24
Just for the record Paul, it's

The University Of Georgia.

You're obsessed with FLA and Louisville pal. You need to try and move on. There are people that can help you. 03-wink
Paul Wrote:Florida State 33
UGA (University of Gaytors @ Athens) 24
:D Sounds good to me Paul :D

Go Seminoles... Neuter 'em dawgs 04-cheers
YouGeeAye Wrote:Just for the record Paul, it's

The University Of Georgia.

You're obsessed with FLA and Louisville pal. You need to try and move on. There are people that can help you. 03-wink
Sounds appropriate to me...

Those people "own you"...They don't own us.

"We're man enough to handle them!"
SEC Champions 31 Doesn't belong 10
And Miami owns you so whats your point.

We're 6-6 vs Miami in our last 12 meetings...Wouldn't
exactly call that "owning"

What's your mark with the Gaytors???????
Off the top of my head i think we are 11 games better than florida.
Hey 88, that is always Paul's fallback comment. If I had a dime every time Paul has mentioned FLA to UGA fans over the past 2-3 weeks, I would retire, buy this BBS and kick him off for lamenting the same damn thing over and over and over again!

UGAs record against FLA is 45-33-2
FSUs record against MIA is 20-24-0

But for Pauls sake, FLA beat UGA who beat GT, who lost to FSU who has a losing record vs MIA who didn't lose to anybody. Therefore UGA would lose to MIA because MIA didn't lose to FSU, who beat FLA, who beat UGA but lost to MISS who lost to UGA, but UGA lost to FLA, who also lost to FSU. Therefore, based on this "Paul-Logic", FSU should be playing MIA in the Fiesta Bowl.

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Fortunately past records don't mean a heel of beans. It is what is happening in the here and now that matters. As we all know any team can beat any other team on any given day. Let's forget all these who beat who in past years and concentrate on the Sugar Bowl in 2003. And enjoy what is shaping up to be one heckuva game as Terry Bowden said.

Let's concentrate on the Sugar Bowl...

Where UGA is two weeks away from getting beat
by a four-loss team, using a third string QB.
Looks like we might be playing more of your bench after what I heard this morning on ESPN. More problems on FSUs football team. This time with gambling. Sheesh, is there absolutely no discipline on this team? This is pitiful.
UGI the article that I read this morning stated that no football player or manager was being investigated at this time. The folks being investigated are students and not football players. Unless you have read something different. Anyway regardless it is still bad publicity for the school.
Hey 88. Not sure what article you're reading, but here are the first couple of paragraphs from the story as reported by AP:

Associated Press

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Florida State football players and others associated with the athletics department are part of a gambling investigation by state and local police agencies, officials said Wednesday.

University police chief Carey Drayton said authorities are looking into allegations made against football players, student trainers and managers, along with other students on campus, the Tallahassee Democrat reported in Thursday's editions.

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