Full Version: UGA-FSU Breakdown
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Here is a complete breakdown of the upcoming sUGAr Bowl

Rushing Offense FSU: 192.5 UGA: 138.7 Advantage FSU
Rushing Defense FSU: 129.2 UGA: 113.9 Advantage UGA

Passing Offense FSU: 216.0 UGA: 254.6 Advantage UGA
Passing Defense FSU: 243.7 UGA: 192.8 Advantage UGA

Overall Offense FSU: 408.5 UGA: 393.3 Fairly Even
Overall Defense FSU: 372.9 UGA: 306.7 Advantage UGA

Ints-Return Yds FSU: 16-216 UGA: 14-356 Advantage UGA
Sacks FSU: 29-180 UGA: 39-270 Advantage UGA
Fumbles-Lost FSU: 20-10 UGA: 20-12 Fairly Even

Punting FSU: 38.5 UGA: 41.9 Advantage UGA
Punt Returns Avg FSU: 10.0 UGA: 14.9 Advantage UGA

3rd Down % FSU: 38% UGA: 41% Fairly Even
4th Down % FSU: 73% UGA: 64% Advantage FSU

FGs-Attempts FSU: 19-28 UGA: 22-28 Advantage UGA
FGs-Atmpts-Opp FSU: 14-21 UGA: 7-17 Advantage UGA

Touchdowns FSU: 51 UGA: 51 Even
Scoring Per Gm FSU: 31.9 UGA: 32.6 Fairly Even
Opp Scrng Gm FSU: 21.2 UGA: 15.3 Advantage UGA

Final Talley
UGA clear leader in 11 categories. FSU clear leader in 2 categories and EVEN in 5 categories. Seems like UGA can't possibly lose this game. No way, no how.
Games arent won on paper! They are won on the field!

Go Noles, beat the Dawgs!!!

~NOLEY~ :wave:
I don't have time for the overall...

Against Commom Opponents...

Florida State 100 points scored 58 allowed
Georgia 97 points scored 55 allowed


Won-Lost Record against common foes

Florida State 3-0
UGA 2-1

Ok, I'll give you the ever-mentioned, non-meaningful common opponent stat.

Advantage UGA 11-3
Getting closer to game time, I figured this was worth another look. UGA looks dominating on paper. I know the game isn't played on paper, but I love stats.

Wanted to move this back to the top of the board again,
10 days till we whip your ******
Wow, Paul actually submitted a post without cursing or calling me names!

The lithium must be kicking in. Good job Paul!
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