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I wouldn't exactly call this a family affair, but to take the words out of sweet ol' Bobby's mouth, it's pretty dadgum close. (If you're a Georgia fan, you can just abbreviate S.O.B.) Mark Richt, the head coach at Georgia, served as my father's offensive coordinator for quite a few years. Don't think he doesn't know every trick in the Seminoles' defensive playbook.

What might sound like as a shock to the general public, Georgia is probably a more talented team than Florida State this year. I'm sure Richt would enjoy showing his former teacher how much he has learned.

This is not Florida State's best football team that the old man has coached. In fact, it is the first four-loss team to ever make a BCS bowl game. But one of the best things Dad does is win bowl games. In his over 50 years of coaching, he's 18-6-1 in postseason play, and that's the best in college football. I guarantee he will have a plan and stick to it.

The bottom line is what I call "Want To": The Bulldogs may just want this one more than the Seminoles. Georgia hadn't won an SEC championship in 20 years, while Florida State has been spoiled with all its success.

Regardless, this is one game you don't want to miss.
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