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I have gone through a lot of the post which have dealt with the exchanges these past few days. I think that for the most part you guys have behaved well. I did not see much name calling or profanity. A couple of Ga fans came over here to stir up some talk. Happens everywhere. Most of it was well done, without much name calling. Like I said, I did not see what was deleted. The exchanges were, for the most part, thought out and to the point. I love to see those kind of exchanges, and I commend those who made their point in a mature manner. Some trash talk thrown in really is not that big a deal, IMHO.
I don't know what happened with the moderating, but I hope to find out. This is a fairly new board which has changed hands since its inception. We do not have a lot of rules about what is acceptable. We will address that issue and give our Mods more guidance. In the interim, the rule I like to see used is, if you would not want someone you know to see what you have posted, maybe you should not post it.
I imagine there has been some heavy handed moderating around here. I have been guilty of it in the past myself. Having the ability to edit or delete someone else's post is a responsibility not always handled well.
Just remember, treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.
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