Full Version: "Oh My!"
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This is all NEW!!!!!!!!!!!

Florida State's Basketball team is currently listed as
Number One in Field Goal .PCT defense. (Opponents
maling only .332% against the 'Noles.

Seminoles also Number 3 in the Country in Defense
giving up only 53.3 ppg.

5-1 'Noles play Stetson tonight and will host Carolina
on Sunday, before heading to Tuscon and the Fiesta
Bowl Tournament. 'Noles will open in Tuscon against
Boston Univ and a win will put us in the finals against
either Davidson or Number 1 Arizona!
Look out ACC - looks like the Noles are Hot, Hot, Hot!!!

They're now 6-1 04-cheers
who have they played? 03-confused
I know they played Florida... and I was impressed by how they hung around in that game. With our tendancy to settle for the long shot sometimes, I'm worried about our FG percentage against FSU too. I think this game might come down to whichever team rebounds the best, or whichever team hits a good shooting streak.

Should be great!

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