Full Version: Noley Wins......
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Per my sister, Bill's Bookstore had a drawing BOWL BONAZA, I didnt win a trip to New Orleans but I won a $50 Gift Certificate and a AUTOGRAPHED 04-bow BOBBY BOWDEN 04-bow FOOTBALL Proof when ya think the world is againtist you things change!

~NOLEY~ :wave:
Good for you Noley! Good things happen to good people. Way to go. Keep sending out those positive vibes. They usually come back your way.
I received my the FB abd GC by UPS today!! VERY COOL 04-bow 04-bow
congrats Noley! Might wanna put that in a case and hold on to it...thats a treasure most people don't have 04-cheers
Nice going Noley. 04-cheers
Way to Go Noley 04-cheers
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