Full Version: Here We Go Again
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More trouble for probably the most undisciplined football team in the world. This kindof crap is indicative of a team whose next game means absolutely nothing. Seen it before. UGA has been guilty of tanking a game because they didn't take it seriously, except we did it by partying too much the night before, not by breaking laws or missing classes/tests.

Do any of you think that if this was a highly ranked FSU team fighting for a shot at a top 5 ranking that Rix would have overslept or for that matter if anyone would have let him? In a year where your team is chasing a national title, would your then starting QB have been so unfocused as to steal a check? Now gambling & point shaving allegations?

More reasons I wanted to play a team with something to lose. Read on...

<a href='http://espn.go.com/ncf/bowls02/s/sugar_fsugambling.html' target='_blank'>http://espn.go.com/ncf/bowls02/s/sugar_fsu...sugambling.html</a>

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I am not sure what the problem with this team is.... If we knew I would have corrected back in the Dillard Days....


Where is LuckyDawg?
Rix's daddy was ill and he was very concerned about it and stayed up too late the night before. Guess you never overslept - but I have and I, too suffered the consequences of it.

And yes, they are just allegations - not FACTS :rolleyes:
I understand that Rix has got some personal issues and I am surely empathic for him. It's got to be tough to be so far from your family when there are problems,


I can't beleive that there are not teammates or coaches of these players that have a schedule of exams for each player, especially your starters and even more especially your starting QB. With as many times as this has happened, Bowden should have at least a couple of coaches that have the exam schedules of each player and these coaches should make sure that all the players get to their exams......PERIOD!

No excuse for missing two exams MsNole. I blame Rix's teammates and coaches as much as I blame him. And by the way, I NEVER overslept and missed an exam.

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We all can't be perfect like you, UGI :D
Why do you continue to be such a condescending rude poster all the time? It's so exasperating trying to get into a real discussion with you. When you know someone is right or you don't have a good rebuttal, you either resort to belittling comments or name calling.

Stick to the post subject matter.
Because we don't like...F&^%king Trolls...Numb Nuts!
What's with all the insults? And what exactly is a troll?
Paul Wrote:Because we don't like...F&^%king Trolls...Numb Nuts!
More name calling...tisk tisk tisk.

I am really worried about you Paul. You have some serious anger issues. The first step is admitting you have a problem.
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