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Name the kickers involved in Wide Right 1 2 & 3 and the kicker involved in Wide Left 1 and Tell me how many yds they missed the fieldgoals by???

Good Luck 04-cheers and Go Noles :wave:

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Im guessing now

Wide Left- Beitia 43 yards?


Noley that is a very good trivia question 04-bow 04-bow
Hope Im right, the answers are
1.Gerry Thomas missed a 34 yd FG
2. Dan Mowrey missed a 39 yd FG
3. Matt Munyon missed a 49 yd FG
All of these were wide right.

The one and only and HOPEFULLY LAST one that went to the left is
Xavier Beitia who missed a 42 yd or 43 yd FG, I think it was 42

Noley coming up with the hard trivia!!! GO NOLEY!!!!!

04-cheers 04-cheers 04-cheers

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Do you know the years??? 04-cheers



03-razz very funny 05-nono ..... Care to Share 03-confused

~NOLEY~ 03-wink


Which years would you like?
The year for each....
04-bow 04-cheers 04-bow

1. Gerry Thomas missed a 34 yd FG
2. Dan Mowrey missed a 39 yd FG
3. Matt Munyon missed a 49 yd FG

~NOLEY~ :wave:



Oh those years??
You still want them?
:stupid: ha ha ha ha 04-bow :D :laugh: 03-wink 03-razz


Gerry Thomas 1991
Dan Mowery 1992
Matt Munyon 2000
Xavier Beitia 2002

Anything else Noley?? 03-razz 03-razz
D'OH! So close 03-wink

I came in second! What do I win? 03-wink :D
Techfan4 Congrats on 2nd 04-bow 04-cheers 04-bow

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:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

I wish...mr. G&G over there stealin' the show 03-wink
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G&G wins it all 04-bow 04-cheers 04-bow 04-cheers 04-bow 04-cheers 04-bow


How about some GTech trivia for the board Techfan?
Actually I think all the teams should have some trivia
1) Who was Joey Hamilton's favorite target, which was also his cousin?

2) Who holds the record for recieving touchdowns in a season?(2 of them are tied, not answer to #1)
3) How many did they have?
Roderick Middleton
soo close(maybe that was his real first name, but they called him something else)

btw...state which answer your answering to..thanks
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