Full Version: O'Leary-gate hits Baylor FB coach
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Biographies of Baylor football coach Kevin Steele have been revised to correct information about his college playing career.

In the school's media guide for the upcoming season, Steele is accurately listed as having been at Tennessee from 1978-79. Media guides since 1982 have listed him as being at Tennessee from either 1977-79 or '76-79.

Steele began his college career at Furman in 1976. That has never appeared in any media guide. It's now in his biography on the school's Web site and will be in media guides starting in 2003.

Baylor athletic director Tom Stanton said he's not concerned with the misinformation because everything was accurate in the resume Steele submitted when he was hired in December 1998.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported the changes Friday.

``Quite frankly, looking back, I know I should have studied it, but I don't read bios on myself,'' Steele told the newspaper. ``I don't sit there and read and say, `OK, OK,' because the information just transfers from school to school. ... Every place I went, they got it from somebody else.''

The mistake with the years at Tennessee was discovered last fall by Steele's wife. He then took it to Baylor assistant athletic director for communications Scott Stricklin.

``We said, `We'll correct it in next year's media guide,''' Stricklin said.

Months later, accuracy in bios and resumes came under scrutiny when George O'Leary lost his job at Notre Dame because of errors in his records.

Steele's mistake began when he became a full-time assistant at Tennessee in 1982. That season's media guide listed him as playing there from 1977-79, although the only questionnaire he'd ever filled out for the school was in 1978, when he arrived as a player, and it listed his time at Furman.

Steele went to New Mexico State the following season and filled out a questionnaire by copying his information out of the 1982 Tennessee media guide.

``Kevin should've caught it then, but he didn't,'' Stricklin said. ``He already had the job, so he wasn't trying to deceive anyone.''

The error followed him to Oklahoma State, then was further embellished in 1987 when he returned to Tennessee. That season's media guide listed him as having played there from 1976-79. Those dates remained in his publicity material through stints with Nebraska and the NFL's Carolina Panthers, and through his first three seasons at Baylor.
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