Full Version: 4 Buffs surrender to police
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Four University of Colorado football players surrendered to police Tuesday to face summonses for allegedly giving alcohol and marijuana to minors at a party where a woman alleged she was gang raped.

Boulder County District Attorney Mary Keenan announced last week she wouldn't pursue rape charges because of problems with acquaintance-rape cases. But police said at the time other charges likely would be filed.

The four student-athletes face the felony charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor for allegedly providing the drugs and alcohol to high school football recruits visiting CU. The charge is punishable by 2-to-6 years in prison.

Arrests warrants were issued Monday to the four players, all 20 years old: Marques Harris, sophomore, defensive end; Corey Alexander, sophomore, wide receiver; Ron Monteihl II, a redshirt freshman last season; and Joseph Allen Mackey Jr., freshman, corner back.

Each was released from jail on $2,500 bond except Mackey, who was released on his signature.

``We feel it is inappropriate to comment at this time because this now will enter a process where we have to see what the judicial outcome is,'' the Colorado athletic department said in a statement Monday. ``Any punishment that Coach (Gary) Barnett has already meted out is private to the student-athlete personal records.''

A spokesman for the athletic department declined to comment further Tuesday.

Police said more charges against others are likely.

The charges stem from a Dec. 7 off-campus party. University officials have said it was not a sanctioned recruiting event and that the women had no affiliation with the athletic department.

CU-Boulder Chancellor Richard L. Byyny said last week that he ordered the athletic department to increase supervision of athletes, including visiting recruits. Curfews will be imposed and enforced and an education program emphasizing the consequences of misbehavior will be created.
Colorado is becoming notorious for this stuff. I wouldn't be surprised to see a few ::cough:: violations either.
uh, this is the Colorado board. Maybe criticism is best left for a rival's board or the Verbal ***ault board.
that's really lame. I can't say Verbal A$$ault? First, a$$ isn't a bad word worthy of censorship by itself. Second, it's the name of a damn board on this BBS!
You can't say @ssistant either, even in the subject line. See my post on the Kentucky board for proof.
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