Full Version: FSU Baseball Starts Tonight
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In less than 2 hours, FSU starts it's 2003 Season of Baseball!!! 04-cheers

After 4 1/2 innings, it's the Noles 7, VMI 4 04-cheers
Bottom on the 6th, bases were loaded with no outs and Ritchie hits a double. 2 runs score, and it's now 9-4. Oh, boy, a sacrafice fly by Eddie Me and it's 10-4 with one out. 04-cheers
Still the bottom of the 6th, Noles 12 - 4 with 2 outs 04-cheers
In the top of the 7th, Mike Martin put in the reserves and the Noles beat VMI 12-4!!! 1-0 on the season with Matt Lynch the winning pitcher. Tomorrow's game starts at 1:30pm.

Tony Ritchie, catcher, was the Player of the Game!!!


Go NOLES!!! :D

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