Full Version: Game 3
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In the bottom on the 1st, the Noles score 3 runs. 04-cheers
It's the bottom of the 7th and the Noles are up 11-0 , 11 hits, 4 homers so far.

Go Noles 04-cheers
Danny Wardell came to bat in the 7th inning and hit a homer. His next up at bat and he hit another one.

Final Score... Evansville 1, FSU 11

Noles are 8-1 now 04-cheers
Noles have a streak going, aren't you playing GaTech soon.
ASU is now 17-1 and has some tough OOC games coming up vs Notre Dame, Penn State, Oklahoma, and Wichita State. No Fla St this year although I think we meet again soon.
Florida State has dominated ASU during the regular season, but in the post season ASU has done very well vs FSU.

03-cool :bang: 03-cool
According to the schedule, we don't play Georgia Tech till May 2nd up in Atlanta. We open ACC with Virginia at home on March 14th. Then the following weekend, March 21st, we go to Raleigh, N.C. to play NC State. I know some of these games against the ACC will be on TV... YEAH!!!

I do know we are playing ASU next year in the beginning of the season. After that series, we will play Stanford at home.

Go Noles!!! 04-cheers
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