Full Version: LSU vs. FSU '90
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This afternoon, on the Sunshine Network, they showed the 1990 LSU vs. FSU game. FSU beat LSU 42-3 and was Bowden's 200th win. Unfortunately, at the end of the game as a defensive player for FSU tackled an LSU player and they both went out of bounds, LSU players on the sidelines attacked the FSU player and a BIG brawl broke out on the sidelines and in the middle of the field. It was even bigger than the ones we've had with those gaytors...

On Saturdays, this summer, Sunshine Network will be showing a lot of past FSU football games. Y'all enjoy 'em, ya hear!!!
Sunshine is the best 04-bow 04-bow 04-bow

NOLEY Wrote:Sunshine is the best 04-bow 04-bow 04-bow

Did you get to go to that game Noley? :D
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