Full Version: Noles get a verbal commitment
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4 star running back out of North Carolina Jamall Edwards commited verbally to the Noles Monday afternoon.
53rd overall prospect (Rivals100)
6th RB (Rivals100)

Talk about speed...... At the age of 13 he was National Junior Champ in the 100 meter dash.

Good pick up for the Noles!! Now hopefully he qualifies, thats what can kill a good recuiting class, non qualifiers :mad:
The article I read about him didn't say anything about him not qualifying or that there might be problems with qualifying.

I just love it when a kid loves FSU and then gets to attend the school, especially when he's from another state. :D

:wave: Do the Warchant :wave:
We wont find out if he will qualify or not until next year. Hes just a verbal commitment, no LOI yet.
What I meant by qualifying is if enough players dont make it, it can really hurt that incoming class.
You can have a number 1 or 2 recruiting class, lose some players(key players) to not qualifying and all of sudden your around 10-15.
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