Full Version: FSU and Miami
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Miami, FSU could play opener starting in '04


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:wave: Do the Warchant :wave:
GO NOLES!!!! GO CANES!!!! Primetime television....It doesnt get any better than that!!!
That would be one hell of a way to start off the season, even though I would much rather have the two teams playing in October as they have been.
The good thing about it is the team that loses has a chance to redeem itself during the season and make its way back up the polls, not like FSU/UF, you lose that game and the season is done.
In college football its better to lose early then lose late.
The bad thing about it is neither team will know their strong or weak points during game time, this isnt any practice!!

Anyway like I said, if it happens then GO NOLES!! GO CANES!!, this sure isnt Duke and Wake Forest football in primetime
Well...They'd be in the same boat as us...

Not knowing exactly what to prepare for...but
having 6 months to prepare for it!

I just hope we play some dog the week after
that game. A 6 month building to that game
is one thing...but the deflation from that game
would be "telling" the next week.
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