Full Version: Who takes Miami's spot on our OCC schedule
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Our OOC schedule is set through...2010...

@ Miami

Texas A & M

@Tex A&M





With Miami joining the league in 2004...who takes
their spot. I don't know about all of you...but I
wouldn't mind seeing a few dogs on the schedule.
Paul, I would like to see a Big 10 team first..Michigan never played us at home and they got stomped in the Big House the last time we played them
Ohio State, well we beat them twice at the Shoe and then beat them in the Sugar Bowl
Also Penn State... BOWDEN vs PATERNO
Only thing is Michigan and OSU would have to play us twice at home to return the favor
Secondly I would like to see a team or two from the Big 12 play us, I know we have A&M and Colorado but I was thinking a little higher in OU and Texas.
Forget the SEC, theres already a rivalry with FSU/Florida UGA/GTech Clemson/USC
L was hoping for someone in the likes of


Utah State...


C. Michigan...

It would be nice to have a breather every now and
Paul Wrote:L was hoping for someone in the likes of


Utah State...


C. Michigan...

It would be nice to have a breather every now and
I'd like to see us play Troy State again. And also would get to see 2 GREAT bands to boot!!! :D
Paul a breather??!!, come on now, as our friends in the SEC would say, you guys play in the ACC :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :laugh: :laugh:
Actually your right about having a breather every now and then but the tougher the road to the top the better. Im just looking at it from a BCS standpoint, quality wins, SOS,etc.
I would rather lose a game during the season while playing Texas, Oklahoma, Michigan, or someone like that then lose a game while having La-Monroe, Utah St., Central Michigan on our schedule.
Again the breather game is good, but as far as getting in position for a National Championship when that BCS computer comes to life the higher ranked the opponent is the better.
Now, with that being said we can always be independent again and get to pick who we want like Notre Dame 03-puke
UCF every year! That would be great attendance and great for all the FSU alumi in the central florida area
your breather is Duke

play the Big Dogs

You might have been correct...11 years ago.

When many said...the entire league was a breather.

However...that ain't true anymore.

I look at this from a mental standpoint. You can
only "get up" for so many games. "No more than
Five" is the norm. That is bad enough, but when
your schedule features TEN Bowl teams from the
previous year and EVERYONE OF THEM is getting
up for you...then that can spell L-O-S-S! The league
this year has possibly three other schools that could
finish in the top 10...Maryland, NCST and UVA...

Then you toss in Miami, Colorado, Notre Dame and

It wouldn't hurt to see Army coming to town.

The only problem with scheduling any of those teams,
Maryland and the SEC have them all booked up!
11 years ago, Duke was NOT a breather. we won the ACC, beat UNC 40-0 in 1989, 1995 went to a bowl.

now they are-how am I wrong? I didnt say "the ACC is your breather" (NCSU). I said "Duke is your breather."
Duke won the title 14 years ago!



Must be that Duke education.

When we first came into the league...the whole
thing was a breather. Lasy Year we were only up
on Duke 17-6 going to the 4th quarter.

Our Conf mark is 81-5! I'd say that is or make that
was a breather.

But three of those losses have come in the past two
years. 'Course we won't lose one this year...but the
games are still tougher.
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