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Quote:Junior cornerback makes first college start in opener
By Jack Corcoran

Despite all the accolades that Bryant McFadden earned at McArthur High School in Hollywood as the nation's top cornerback prospect, he has yet to start at Florida State.

That will soon change.

"He has earned his way up to No.1," FSU coach Bobby Bowden said.

McFadden is in line to start at left cornerback next Saturday in the season opener at North Carolina. The fourth-year junior moved to the top of the depth chart in the spring, vaulting past Stanford Samuels, who was held out following shoulder surgery. Samuels has missed practice time this week with a groin injury, removing all suspense from the position.

"That would be very exciting," McFadden said. "I have been waiting for this moment for a long time. To start at Florida State is like a dream come true for me. I'm just going to try to make the most of it."

All-American honors from USA Today and Parade magazine didn't translate into immediate playing time. McFadden redshirted in 2000 as FSU played for the national title for the third straight season. He couldn't crack the starting lineup the past two seasons even though the Seminoles struggled for consistency in the secondary.

"It's been tough," McFadden said. "But when you come to a school like Florida State, you get No.1 recruits every year. It's not like I was at a school where there wasn't a lot of talent. I came into a situation where there were a lot of talented people in front of me and there were a lot of talented people that came in with me. You have to be patient and wait your turn."

McFadden snared his first three interceptions - two against Maryland on Sept.14 - last season but broke up only four passes, giving him six deflections in 26 games with the Seminoles.

Aggressiveness was an issue.

"He's challenging the receivers better," FSU defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews said. "He's playing with more confidence and playing more aggressive. If a corner can't show those kinds of qualities, he's going to have a lot of bad plays out there."

McFadden asserted himself in high school. He made 150 tackles in his last two seasons at McArthur. But the game wasn't as complex there. His reaction time slowed as he tried to pick up FSU's defensive scheme.

"Coming out of high school, I was real aggressive," McFadden said. "That was part of my game plan. But when I first got here, I wasn't really relaxed and comfortable. Right now I'm ahead of the game and I know what I'm supposed to do. Now I'm able to go out and play and have fun."

Patience was necessary.

"He's handled it pretty good," Bowden said. "That is very hard on these guys when they're all-everything in high school and then they get to college and find out that there's a lot of 'em like them. It's an adjustment."
That kid is twice the corner that Samuels is...

He is cut from the same mold as Sanders, Butler,
Buckley, Abraham, Rolle...

He is a "true" press corner.
With the way our defense has practiced this fall, we should have a much better football season than the last 2 years. We especially need our dbs and corners to step it up!
Paul, I couldnt have said that any better than you just did about McFadden. :D

We're gonna be able to play man coverage on the
outside...something we haven't been able to do
in the last two years.

That means we WILL blitz more...with the fastest
Linebacker Trio in the country...

And let's not forget "Rover" Jerome Carter...who
can play the run as good as and that we've had
back there...

Let's kick the damn thing off....
Something else I would lke to add. Dont forget Antonio Cromartie FSUs freshman 6'3 200 lb corner and FSU also is in the lead for a top cover corner in Miami, Trevor Ford. He runs a 4.3 40, has 21 scholarships from around the country and opened alot of eyes in Miami's football camp over the summer when he shut down the #1 highschool WR in the country that was also attending the camp, Early Doucet.
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