Full Version: It's A Start
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Saturday's Opening Night win was a start...

A Good Start...

Defense Played well...and they'll get better.

Durant is a mobile QB and those types have always
given the 'Noles fits. They controlled him pretty well.

We were dominant from the get-go...

Offense...well, on Booker's 21 yd TD run...we showed
option. No...I don't believe we're an option team...but
we have some option plays. The NCAA limits schools
to only 20 hours of practice a week. Now teams
will also have to prepare to defend against "Option
Plays" that takes away valuable time from preparation
time for everything else we do.

553 yards of offense and 37 points in 3 quarters...

Big improvement...

First real test of the year is this week...

Home Opener will have the team primed...

No...I don't believe in the hype that Maryland will be
more dangerous after a loss. A loss is a loss and a
loss shakes a team's confidence.

They are still an excellent team, but their confidence
has been shaken.

We play well...and we'll be off and running
Paul from reading the articles about Saturday, Coach Bowden wants to work on missed tackles and missed blocks.
Also the defense is taking it upon themselves to get better, they said the way they played Saturday night was NOT the best you will see of the NOLES defense this year. :eek:
Stanford Samuels has really changed also, he was asked about the 5 deflected passes from the Noles secondary and he said "its not a deflected pass, its a dropped interception" that right there shows how hungry this defense has become.
Maryland is fired up and ready to play, let them. I guess they think FSU will just go away.
Something alot of people have forgotten is that the FSU defense is just as fired up because even though they got the shutout against UNC they all say they can play alot better then what they did Saturday night.
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