Full Version: Congrats on the win...
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Just got back from the beach, so this is my first chance to commend y'all on the game.

Obviously, y'all are head and shoulders above us right now. Bowden opened it up on offense to start the game, and I think that was a wise decision -- given the advantage in talent you have over us. You started running wild on us after that, and there was no chance.

I'm disappointed for a lot of reasons, but I really do think that a lot of that game was due to how good FSU will be this year. I'd like to think so, at least. Please go out there and prove me right....

Good luck the rest of the season.

Thanks JD. At halftime, they stopped Bunting before going into the lockeroom and he said that FSU was a very talented team.

Good Luck to the TarHeels the rest of the season. 04-bow
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