Full Version: Guy Morriss?
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If there are any BU fans out there, do you guys think Guy is the guy to turn the program around?
hahahaha! NO! Bayolr sucks and they will always suck!
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I'm going to have to agree with the other guys because Baylor isn't really a football school but Guy Morris is a really good coach if you see what he did at Kentucky. The only mistake to my knowledge is that he celebrated to early against LSU.
You folks here at Baylor have the chance of a lifetime under the tutelage of Guy Morriss. If anyone can make it happen for Baylor, Guy is the GUY!

I live in Ky and go to the UK Football games. I was in attendance at the LSU disaster. Guy did not call the timeout too early near the end of the game. The QB Lorenzen did. That cost UK the game by giving the LSU players time to regrouuup and make that last second play. It was also the QB Lorenzen who jumped the gun again and doused Guy with the Gatorade before the end of the game. I have never seen it in print that this QB Lorenzen ever took the blame, credit or whatever for losing the LSU game ....but he lost it all himself. He is not the "nice guy" that he purports himself to be in front of the cameras. He is a big dumb blonde who will blame any and every thing on anyone except himself. That is not a gentleman in my estimation. Guy Morriss is a gentleman. He has never told the press what lost that game but those of us who were there saw what really came down that day!

Baylor... You all have the BEST COACH in college football! Treasure him and give him the respect he rightly deserves. Guy will serve you well!

I have to agree....Baylor will always win some big games, but lose the ones that counts in the Big 12. I think they should get out of their conference asap. They probably would be able to play in Div I-AA or AAA.....lol. Their coach is alright.
Man...Baylor sucks....maybe they should consider moving to Div. II-A.....lol
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Amen to that! :stupid: :owned:
I must agree as well. :stupid: :owned:

2003: 52-14 us
2004: 68-0 us again, in South Denton.
I'm obviously in the minority here, but I think Baylor will be pretty tough in the future. Guy Morris is a good coach and there is no shortage of talent in Texas. If he gets his share of players he can build a winner.
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