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COLO 24\CO ST 27. Aug. 30COLO42\COLO.ST.35
COLO 21\UCLA 28. Sept. 6COLO16\UCLA14
COLO 35\WSU 24. Sept. 13COLO26\W.S.U.47
COLO 21\FSU 24. Sept. 20 COLO7\FSU47
COLO 49\BALOR 6. Oct. 4 at Baylor Waco, Texas
COLO 42\KAN13. Oct. 11 Kansas Boulder
COLO 13\KSU 42 Oct. 18 at Kansas State
Manhattan, Kan.
COLO 10\OK 17 Oct. 25 Oklahoma Boulder
COLO 27\T.TECH 28 Nov. 1 at Texas Tech Lubbock,
COLO 35\MIZZU 42 Nov. 8 Missouri Boulder
COLO 17\ISU 28 Nov. 15 at Iowa State Ames,
COLO 42\NU 17 Nov. 28 Nebraska Boulder
With these predictions it seems it will be a rebuilding year.
CB13 Wrote:With these predictions it seems it will be a rebuilding year.
that is what im thinking.thanks for checking in.what are your thoughts on the buffs for this season?W\L
I think that Colorado will be a little better than your predictions but the Big 12 will be stronger this year so it will be very interesting. I do think the we will be in a bowl this year. The ground game should be pretty good.
hey give me your picks for the rest of the big 12 teams there are not many of us so why not just do a copy&paste and change the few :rolleyes: scores you disagree with
I think that Oklahoma and Kansas State will win their divisions of the Big 12 this year. Behind Oklahoma will be Texas and behind Kansas State it will be Colorado and then Nebraska.
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