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From the Charlotte Observer, 8/7/04:

Quote:Q&A With Chuck Amato

Q. Is it weird not having Philip Rivers there?

Yeah, it's weird. ... But you know what? He has done us good. He was part of what got this team going in the right direction. We had no idea four years ago today that he was going to be that good. We were sitting in a meeting shaking our heads, wondering what we were going to do. And we will always have great memories of him, and we've got to go on.

Q. People talk about Michael Vick making Virginia Tech partly what it is. Is it fair to say Philip was what made N.C. State what it is now?

That's nice to say that, but we didn't go play for the national championship, because you can't win it with one player. As good as he was, it's a team sport. Those other players have got to help. And I hope the other people now will make it a lot easier for whoever is that (new) quarterback.

Q. You were talking about how tough it is to win on the road. You also have Miami, Florida State and Ohio State at home. Does that create any anxiety?

Yeah, there is anxiety. I don't take any aspirin or Tylenol, but I'll probably be taking it a whole bunch this year. We hope that Raleigh is getting to be a place where people don't like to come to play, I don't care who that team is, whether it's Ohio State or Miami or Florida State.

Q. The hiring of Reggie Herring as defensive coordinator, what was behind that? And what do you think he is going to bring to the staff?

I never coached him down at Florida State, but I heard so much about him, and I watched him. When he was at Clemson, I actually tried to hire him. He brings intensity. He brings toughness. He's smart. He's been around. And he has spent time in the system I spent 18 years in.

Q. What challenges do the new (NCAA) academic changes create?

It's going to create challenges, not only for the players, but for all of us coaches. I've got nine assistant coaches, and they are responsible for all their players. And you stay on top of the players academically. It's not just the academic support staff. It's all a team thing.

They have a lot to do with it, but we're the ones that make sure they're going to study hall, going to classes, utilizing all the support system that we have so that at the end of two years, they will have the 40 percent (of their credits toward a degree) and be eligible. ...If they dig themselves a hole now, they're going to have to really fly and utilize summer school and every other way to get credits.

Q. Do you have a preference for an ACC championship game site?

Rome, Italy. That would be good, because I'd have a lot of people rooting for me. Not really. That's not my job to do.

Q. How much has Manny Lawson developed at defensive end?

He is an amazing athlete, period. And he got better this spring. He is just learning how to practice. He should have been redshirted. He played as a true freshman. But he blocked three punts that year. One against Clemson that turned that game around, one against Florida State that iced that game and whatever. But he is just learning to practice hard.

N.C. State

COACH: Chuck Amato(34-17 at N.C. State and overall, 5 years)


(def. Kansas 56-26 in Tangerine Bowl)


8 offense, 9 defense.


Sept. 4 Richmond

Sept. 18 Ohio State

Sept. 25 at Virginia Tech

Oct. 2 Wake Forest

Oct. 9 at North Carolina

Oct. 16 at Maryland

Oct. 23 Miami

Oct. 30 at Clemson

Nov. 6 Georgia Tech

Nov. 11 Florida State

Nov. 27 vs. East Carolina*

*at Charlotte
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