Full Version: Antonio Cromartie may be out for a few weeks
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Our Defensive back Cro2 may miss a few weeks with a knee injury, this really sucks.
No definite word on what the exact injury is to his knee (dislocated knee cap possibly), he had an MRI this morning but no other information has been released.
He's big for a corner, 6'3 200 lbs, would sure hate to see him out but he's got to take care of his knee and come back strong, that's the MAIN concern right now.
He vows to play against Miami. He also say it's not his knee cap popping out of place.

Whatever the injury may be, we can not afford to lose him and if he comes back to fast his next injury could be more severe.
This injury is actually a recurring one he had in a game last year and is also the same knee he injured in highschool.
We lose him and we will be looking at starting a true freshman at the corner spot.
I'm sure Bryant and Ford are up to the task but its one position you dont want a true freshman starting.

Chances of playing against Miami went from 50-50 to 30-70 as some people close to dealing with Cromartie and his injury are saying.
He will have it scoped on Tuesday, the doctors want to see if there is any other damage also.
Cromartie said he has "hopes" of playing in the Miami game but the doctors have said realistically that hope is very slim.
Right now its a definite 3-4 weeks and we play Miami in 3 weeks and 3 days but who's counting 03-razz
The reason I'm counting on him being out for this game is he won't practice at all so what good will it do to put him in right after an injury anyway.
By the way the game I couldn't think of in which he injured his knee last year was the NC State game.
Today in the Tampa Tribune they reported that Cromartie practiced for the 1st time Saturday evening after saying he would be out for 3 to 4 weeks due to the knee. Cromartie said the knee felt good and he didn't have any trouble cutting. He also said he would have his surgery after the football season is over.

And of course we don't want to start a freshman, but Andrews did say he was impressed by both freshman at the cbs positions. :D
I also just finished reading about Cromartie BUT I think it's a mistake.
Why would the doctors want to scope his knee on Tuesday if nothing is wrong?
He better hope he can have surgery after the season is over and not sooner, alot sooner
This is the knee he injured a couple of times in highschool, the same knee he injured against NC State, the same knee that was injured a few days ago in practice.
There has to be something wrong with his knee to be injured repeatedly like that.
The bad thing about all of this is what if he injures his knee and is gone for the season?
Is it really worth playing against Miami THAT much?
Miami is a big game BUT not at the risk of being out for the season or worse, not ever being able to play football again, no game is worth that.
Quote:Five Young DBs Have Impressed Andrews

Published: Aug 15, 2004
Doug Carlson
Tampa Tribune

TALLAHASSEE - With sophomore CB Antonio Cromartie potentially unavailable for the season opener against Miami on Sept. 6, the Seminoles are hoping they don't have to use any true freshmen at that position at such an early point in their career.

Then again, defensive coordinator/defensive backfield coach Mickey Andrews is encouraged with his early view of the defensive backs FSU signed in February.

Three of them - J.R. Bryant, Tony Carter and Trevor Ford - are lining up at CB and are likely to remain there, Andrews said.  Two others, Joe Manning and Kenny Ingram, are playing safety.

"All five of them right now, we're encouraged with what we see,'' Andrews said.  "There's a lot to learn mentally, [we'll] start getting different coverages and different techniques.  But right now we like what we see.''

Cromartie said Friday his injured right knee will require arthroscopic surgery to clean out scar tissue and make sure there's no other damage. He said the surgery, expected to take place Tuesday, would put him on roughly a 3-4 week rehab schedule, leaving a return in time for the Hurricanes unlikely.

That would leave expected starters Leroy Smith and Bryant McFadden as the only experienced players at the position. Junior Gerard Ross, the top backup, was a safety his first two seasons at FSU.

Coach Bobby Bowden indicated Ross might be ready to shine at his new position.

"I thought he found himself this spring. I thought he kind of came to the front. He's caught my eye out here several times in the fall. It might be that his day has come.''

Bowden also puts the freshman class of cornerback recruits among select company.

"You've really got some good quality coming up. I can see that,'' he said.  "We have had them come in and play as a freshman before - Deion Sanders played, Terrell Buckley played. ...''

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