Full Version: ECU vs NCSU in the BCA Hoops Tourney
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Looks like NCSU and ECU could meet up in the BCA Tourney
* <a href='http://www.gazellegroup.com/bcainvite/' target='_blank'>http://www.gazellegroup.com/bcainvite/</a>

* <a href='http://www.reflector.com/sports/newsfd/aut....6092.6803.html' target='_blank'>http://www.reflector.com/sports/newsfd/aut....6092.6803.html</a>

I think if the bracket shakes out to where ECU gets to play NCSU it would be GREAT..plus we need to avenge our loss from the last time :bang: 03-wink :rolleyes:
if this matchup were to occur, the on-court bludgeoning would be unfit for viewing by women and children. a disembowled pirate is not a pretty sight.
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