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Quote:Surratt moving up at FSU

Teammates' injuries mean freshman FB may see time

By Steve Ellis

Joe Surratt needed just one look at the depth chart to realize that his opportunity to play would likely be a year away.  FSU was deep at fullback.

That was before Torrance Washington received a medical disqualification and Chad Canfield was told to sit out a month after suffering mild concussions last week.  Surratt, a freshman from Pace, is now preparing for the chance to contribute as the third-team fullback.

With B.J. Dean and James Coleman ahead of him, playing time is not guaranteed for Surratt.  But Surratt, who wasted no time in showing his aggressiveness and ability to deliver crunching blocks, is readying himself just in case.

"Coach (Billy Sexton) told me I need to be ready and learn the offense quickly," Surratt said.  "You got to be there for the team - if they need you, they need you."

Surratt served early notice that he can be aggressive.  But he allows that he has plenty of work to do on his blocking technique - a key to survival for an FSU fullback.  And he plays behind two fullbacks for whom coach Bobby Bowden has high regard as blockers.

"Fullbacks, it's standard in the I-formation - blocker first, short-yardage runner second and pass-catcher third," Bowden said.  "They have the same responsibility as offensive linemen."

Surratt rushed for 958 yards on 176 attempts with 13 touchdowns as a senior at Pace.

"I'm not scared to hit somebody," said Surratt, who is also working on the second team for field goal and kickoff returns.  "I'll go in there and hit somebody. But at the same time, I got to learn where to be at the right time."

Surratt said he would like to trim a few pounds from his 6-foot-1½, 264-pound frame.

"Joe could be real good," Coleman said.  "He's hard-nosed and likes to hit. If he loses a little weight he could be real nice.  But he can move for a big guy.

"He doesn't know where to go yet, but me and B.J. looked lost our freshman year.  As he learns more and more, and gets more assured where he's going, he'll be devastating. I wouldn't want to hit him at 260."


Wednesday was supposed to be another chance for Surratt to work in game-like situations.  But Bowden canceled scrimmage because of the growing injuries.  Bowden said center David Castillo and guard Bobby Meeks are questionable for the season opener against Miami.  John Frady and Brian Ross would vie for the starting role if Castillo, who is hampered by several injuries, could not play.  Ron Lunford would start at tight guard if Meeks couldn't go.

"(Frady's) got some playing time and I really think Ross ... is doing some good things too," Bowden said. "He is probably our quickest offensive lineman."

The news is better than expected for linebacker Rodney Gallon.  An MRI showed a sprained MCL, and the former Lincoln High standout said he expects to return to practice next week.

"It hurt so bad ... but yeah, it's a blessing (the way it turned out)," Gallon said.

• Four rings belonging to Mickey Andrews that were put on e-bay were put on the auction site without the knowledge of the Florida State defensive coordinator.

"Mickey Andrews did not sell the rings, and he is in the process of recovering them," FSU Assistant Athletic Director Rob Wilson said.

The 2000 Sugar Bowl, 1999 Fiesta Bowl, the 2000 ACC championship and 1992 ACC championship rings were taken off e-bay Wednesday.

• FSU coaches are still awaiting word from the NCAA Clearinghouse regarding the status of freshman wide receiver Kenny O'Neal. If the clearinghouse does not decide in O'Neal's favor, he plans to enroll at FSU in January.

• Bobby Bowden's weekly call-in show begins at 7p.m. tonight. It can be seen locally on WTWC (channel40, cable 12) and heard on radio stations WTNT (94.9FM) and WFLA (1270AM).
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