Full Version: Predictions for Next Season
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VT's schedule goes @NCSU @Duke GT Ohio @WVU Marshall @Maryland BC Miami @UVA UNC

I'm thinking 9-2 with losses @WVU and at home against a GT team that could be very dangerous next year. We'll play FSU in the ACCCG, lose and end up in the Gator Bowl against Pitt where we win. Final record: 10-3 and a ranking of about 14.
I am think VT ends up with a 9-2 record with losses coming to miami and either WVU or GT. I think the peach bowl is where Tech ends up with a win against LSU finishing 10-3.
I agree VTHokie.
I disagree this is how its set up

FSU vs VT in the ACC champ

with ONE loss to WVU---upset in morgan
We still have a young team except two stars missing and gaining more.
Also Canes are coming to Lane.
Virginia Tech is really good at home but I have to say they lose to Miami this time because they have beaten them two straight years, Miami is now hungry for a win against Tech and Miami is a good and tough team to face.
LANE is a scary place to play espically to one of our top rivals i say we win this year and lsoe next year. But they have a really young team

Canes lose FSU and VT
I agree. I don't see any way Miami can beat us next year. They couldn't beat us this year in their house with a SR QB and a relatively veteran team. We all saw what happened last time Miami came to Lane with a 1st year starter (last year) and what happened when Ken Dorsey took his first snaps in Lane. Heck, in 2001, Miami was one of the best teams ever playing an average VT team and Miami only won by 2 points. We beat Miami by at least 10 this year.

I don't like the WVU game this year though because it's in Morganhole. We always play lousy there (other than 2001).

GT, well they're going to be dangerous next year and we play them early before they will be known as a real threat. Just a gut feeling.
yeah GT will be a thret but i think VT will win

Look at depth chart

outstanding wideouts

two badass backs

and a QB we can play the option

Its looking good this seasona and the future.

I think we have a great chance at beating FSU if we make it to the finals.
Also GT is after 3 easy games (warm ups) and its at Lane.
I think the 3 easy games before GT is a bad thing. We will not be experienced and it will be Vick's first game that he has started. It has been a year since he has stepped on the football field and just the fact that he will have been gone so long makes me nervous. We will see though. We will see.
Losses to Miami and West Virginia
Well, so much for that WVU loss. Now if we can just win the next 5, we'd be straight. I really think we can go 11-0 this season, but I cautiously remember 2001-2003. The schedule only gets harder.
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