Full Version: exceeding expectations
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I really like this team. I don't think anyone thought they would be this good. Eddie has done a great job with them.
Absolutely! OSU is looking more and more like a Final Four team. 04-rock
Don't know about OSU being a Final Four team...they haven't been playing well as of late. Now it's the showdown on Big Monday...the top two teams playing for the Big XII title...should be a good one. The Longhorns have a 4-3 record against the Cowboys in their own gym.
I might have put the jinx on them by saying that. Since then, they've lost to Mizzou and struggled against Baylor. Neither OSU nor Texas were the teams that I chose to win the Big 12 before this season started. I was thinking OU would win it, with Mizzou and Kansas making a strong push too. Shows how much I know... 03-confused
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