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great game winner at NC State..he was just a moving and drilled it on the wolfpack. I think the Deacon Demons will get a #1 seed for sure..
Yeah...especially when he should've been kicked out of the game in the 1st half
If Elton Brown wasn't kicked out the previous week for the blow to the back of the head (which could definitely have caused more harm), then in all fairness, you can't turn around and kick out a player the next week for physical play.

In the off-season, the league needs to address the propensity for unnecessary physical play and sit down all of the referees that they plan to use for ACC games next year and review the expectations that the ACC has of them. Any referee who violates that training in the opening weeks should be eliminated from further use in conference games.

And techfan, you should be thankful that State was so ineffective from the line & Wake won, otherwise Tech would not have drawn that Thursday bye... 03-wink
I didn't realize that CP threw the punch until I read the story on espn.com today..well hopefully WFU will be able to get past their quarterfinal game. I know everyone is gunning for them.. :crying:
Of course I'm happy, but really...03-nutkick is just bad
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