Full Version: JU vs FSU
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Bottom of 1st

Shane gets a hit and steals second. Gibbs Chapman is now up. Oooo he struck out. Cheeseman on 1st and Shane was on second... but Wardell is out at 1st.

Noles 0
Dolphins 0

Seminoles moved up in the polls this week... #10 Collegiate Baseball Poll
Bottom of 2nd

Two on for the Noles... only one out... Tony Thomas, Jr. is up. Double play...

Noles 0
Dolphins 0
Cheeseman guns down another base stealer 04-bow
Bottom of the 3rd

Shane gets his second hit of the night... a double. :D

Ryne Malone bunts and JU has a throwing error to 1st base and Shane scores. No outs...

Noles 1
Dolphins 0

Gibbs flies out, but Malone gets to 3rd base.

One out

Cheesman is up .. sac fly by Aaron and Malone scores...

Noles 2
Dolphins 0

2 outs and no one on. Wardell just got hit by a pitch... :eek:

Rye flies out... but a very good inning for the Noles!!!

04-rock 04-rock
Top of 4th

JU gets a homerun...

Noles 2
Dolphins 1

Bottom of 4th

Nothing for the Noles in this inning... :rolleyes:
5th Inning

Dolphins gets another homerun...

Noles 2
Dolphins 2

Come on Hyde... pitch better... quit throwing balls that they can hit out of the park!!! :bang:
Bottom of the 6th

Seminoles 5
Dolphins 5

Let's Go Noles!!!

Shane Robinson is up... Home run would be good Shane! WooooooooHoooooooooo he hit one!!!

Noles 6
Dolphins 5

Ryne Malone hit a homerun!!! Back-to-back homeruns! 04-rock

Seminoles 7
Dolphins 5

The Seminoles haven't hit back-to-back homeruns since last year! :eek:

Gibbs Chapman gets a base hit.

Aaron Cheesman is up... base hit for the Cheesman

2 on and no one out

Wardell is up... come on Danny... hit another homerun. :D Aha, Wardell struck out...

Jack Rye is up... aaaah is was foul... Do it again Jack, but make is fair ball... Rye walks... bases loaded and one out

Spivey is up...

Gibbs Chapman stole home. :laugh:

Seminoles 8
Dolphins 5

Cheesman is out at 3rd... 2 outs...

Jacksonville has made 3 errors. Chapman was able to steal 3rd cause the catcher let the ball get away from him... :roflol:
Can't do that against the Noles.

New pitcher for Jacksonville... Spivey walks...

Jernigan is up for the Noles... and Jerny walks... bases loaded with Noles...

2-0... are they gonna walk in another run for the Noles.... hehehe yup, they walked in a run...


I've gotten it right again...

Seminoles 9
Dolphins 5

Bases still loaded... 4 walks this inning... oho, they almost hit Shane

And the ump said Shane struck out... HA!
Seminoles 11
Dolphins 5

Bottom of the 8th

Brant Preacher came in for Shane Robinson and he hits a homerun.

Noles WIN - winning pitcher was Kevin Lynch.

Noles are 47-14 now. This team, which was supposed to be in a rebuilding year, have now won 2 more games than the team did last year. :D

Final score...

Seminoles 12

Dolphins 5

04-rock 04-rock 04-rock
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