Full Version: Wake Forest vs. FSU
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Wake got a 2 run lead in the top of the 1st. The Noles took a 3-2 lead in the bottom of the 2nd. The score is now...

Noles 4
Wake 2

Not sure which inning it is, cause I just got back from the store, but the bases are loaded with Noles and Wake pitcher just walked in a run, thus the score above and there's one out. :D

2 outs now... no more runs for the Noles...
Top of 4th Inning

1-2-3 inning for Wake... :D
Bottom of 4th

Shane Robinson steals second...

Malone up... base hit for Ryne and it's a double. Shane scores from 2nd and it's...

Noles 5
Deacs 2

Gibbs Chapman hits a sac bunt to advance Malone to 3rd...

Cheesman is coming to bat... :D

Cheesman gets a base hit and Malone runs home and HE'S SAFE!!! 04-rock

Noles 6
Deacs 2

2 outs
Top of 5th

Jerigan makes an error... :rolleyes: Deacs safe at 1st and 2nd...

Noles 6
Deacs 3

Bases loaded for Wake...

Hyde strikes him out and Wake left the bases loaded...
Bottom of 5th

Jack Rye gets a base hit to start off the inning... :D

Jerigan is up...

Double play by the Deacs..

Noles 6
Deacs 3
6th Inning

3 up and down for Wake...


Stand up triple for Shane Robinson!!! 04-rock

Wild pitch and Shane scores! 04-rock

Seminoles 7
Deacs 3
Bottom of the 8th

Thomas hit a foul that was caught by Wake.

Shane gets a base hit... :D

Malone is up... he's out

Shane steals second...

Gibbs Chapman is up... come on Gibbs...

Gibbs it out...
Top of 9th

1 out...

2 outs ...

1 more out and the Noles will win 50 games this year... :D

Shane catches the last out!!!

Go Noles!!! 04-rock

Oh boy, another shot at Georgia Tech... :D
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