Full Version: Women's team has ZERO CLASS
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I saw the women's team play at ETSU tonight and win. A very physical team who has been taught how to get away with elbows, which I can live with. What I don't like is at the end of the game the ENTIRE TEAM AND THE HEAD COACH going over to our fans, and talking smack to them. You guys should be 100 percent EMBARRASSED by your coach and the team for doing this. I was hoping you wouldn't take after your Tallahassee brethren, but obviously I was wrong. And to the fan that ran onto our court, you had better be GRATEFUL that the wrong person just wasn't there tonight to see you do that crap... I'm glad your board is here, you will not be missed in this league. It'll be fun watching you get waxed in football for years to come like you did this year. You're not Free Shoes U, your FIND ANOTHER U.
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